About my microscope

My workhorse item is a Carz Zeiss Jena Jenaval, wich was produced in the former German Democratic Republic. It has infinity corrected great field planachromat objectives, achromatic - aplanatic condenser, turnable stage, built-in filter turret, and  it's - of course - full Köhler. The camera attached on a trinocular tube is a Nikon D90. 

I have to post-process the pictures to the final result in several image editing softwares. This includes sharpening, changing color / contrast / brightness, clearing the background. Most of my pictures needed image stacking and / or stitching. If you are photographing through the scope, you know already how important this things are. If not, you won't believe :) 


dr. Markus microscopy equipment Carl Zeiss Jena Jenaval