Hey there,

We are veterinarians who like taking a look behind the scenes. We’re both enthusiastic and amazed by the art of the miracles you can find under the microscope. How many forms and colours this small world has!

dr. Bálint Márkus, DVM

I have been clinical veterinarian since 2005 and hobby photographer for ages. The last years I focused on microscopic images e.g. parasites, fecal, urine, cytology examination, polarized light and crystallized pharmaceutical products. But I haven't stopped yet exploring the fields of the small world. I have been using different microscopes, methodes and image post-processing for the result. It took a long time and difficult challenges but it was great to see the outcome.

dr. Karina Papp, DVM

I’m clinical veterinarian and experienced social media manager. Cytology and other microscopic pictures have always been my favorites, particularly cells formation. I was impressed by what I saw when the daily used medicaments transformed into some incredible colours and forms under the microscope in polarized light. This is something what every like-minded people must see.


dr. Markus microscopy staff